Proper equipment will be used at all times.  Only Scorpion Martial Arts branded sparring equipment may be used.  Good control will be maintained at all times.  Students not able to control the power and focus of their strikes will be required practice those disciplines before they can spar.  They will be required to demonstrate their control against black belt instructors before being allowed to spar. 

The following items are required to spar:

Head gear, hand and foot protection, mouth piece, groin protector.  Students can choose to wear shin pads, chest protector and face shield.

Sparring is available to any yellow belt or higher that shows good discipline during class, maintains an excellent attitude at all times, and does what he or she is asked to do.  Children must have their parents permission to spar each time they come to class, so kids if you are not doing what your parents ask you to do, you won't be sparring!